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  • Focus E

    Hansgrohe Focus E mixer range will give your natural creativity wings. It adds a new lease of life to wash basins and bath tubs and magics fresh elegance in your bathroom. Focus E also shines in terms of its price.

  • Focus E²

    Dynamic silhouette, ergonomic handle, flattering curves – the design of the new Focus E² mixers clearly reflects the "elegance" philosophy. Exuding simplicity and exceptional quality, the Crometta 85 Vario/Unica‘Crometta set is a perfect match for the Focus E² bath and shower mixers.

  • Focus S

    A range with low production costs was therefore created – enabling you to benefit from a lower price. Technology was the only area where nothing was spared: the Focus S range comes with durable Hansgrohe mixer quality.

  • Metris Classic Collection

    Modern classic design with its characteristic geometrical shapes. The curve and precision of the classic elements are drawn together in an eye-catching line. This style offers the comfort of familiarity. What counts in modern classic design is the overall harmony of the composition - an orchestration of elegantly and expertly balanced shapes in a minimalist style that requires no extra adornment. Metris Classic offers a wealth of sophisticated, carefully conceived detail in a world of bathroom treasures.

  • Metris E Collection

    Do you yearn for sweeping shapes and soft lines? Do you appreciate subtle design and timeless elegance? Then you will love the Hansgrohe Metris E mixer range. Its natural shape provides charmingly flowing water – for a highly sophisticated bathroom. The tongue-like handle completes the range. Careful workmanship and sophisticated Hansgrohe mixer technology ensure that Metris E offers you many years of joy.

  • Metris S Collection

    Do you want calm rather than spectacle? Minimalism rather than excess? Are you happiest when your home and life are dominated by structure and system? Then transform your bathroom into an elegant haven of peace. Metris S is the geometric mixer range from Hansgrohe that brings clarity to the fore. With its pin handle, the Metris S concentrates on the basics. However, despite all the minimalism, the material and technical equipment still meet up to the high quality standards of Hansgrohe.

  • Metropol E Collection

    The Hansgrohe Metropol E mixer range was designed for people like you. You will love the classic, elegant shapes and the characteristic handle. And it is not just the glitz that attracts people to Metropol E; concealed within the mixers is the best Hansgrohe technology.

  • Metropol S Collection

    Its sleek, sovereign silhouette wins the hearts of purists around the world. Particularly eye-catching: the flat handle that further highlights the geometric design. The Metropol S is equipped with premium-quality Hansgrohe mixer technology.

  • Puravida Collection

    Experience sensuality in the bathroom. Poetic, pureness and clarity of form. This is where we experience water, the flowing source of relaxation – and the colour white, in all its beauty and brightness. White represents freshness and purity, something to be cherished day by day. Every morning, every evening, water and our senses are brought together. Pure. Sensual. Alive. PuraVida.

  • Talis Classic

    Classic evolved from an increasing longing for a bathroom that exudes familiarity without sacrificing modernity. In the Talis Classic line, simple geometric shapes meet traditional features, combining familiarity and innovation to create a distinctive and unique style. The result is a bathroom line of the purest elegance, perfectly suited for creating modern, timeless bathrooms.

  • Talis E²

    When the “Elegance” style was created, natural, organic shapes served as the model. Talis E² is persuasively graceful, with harmonious curves, elegant edges and shining surfaces. Just as in nature, the interaction of flowing shapes and high-quality surfaces creates exciting contrasts.

  • Talis S

    It is slender, stylish and fitted with an unconventional pin handle. Talis S is exclusive bathroom design created through functional clarity. And not least: high-quality mixer technology at an affordable price.